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commercial real estate resources

is a non-profit that can provide education and assemble resources to help businesses on their Real Estate journey

Tools of the trade

Understand how to navigate the CRE industry with proven tips, tools, and methods used by industry professionals

vender partnerships

Save money through our vender contacts who give discounts through our non-profit relationships

resources for the next generation

Commercial Real Estate is a changing landscape. Global economic events and technology have fostered changes in the industry.

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HALO virtual tours

Part of our organization’s vision is to develop relationships with companies that can offer discounted services on valuable tools.  One of these essential tools that can put your company on top is Virtual Tours.  This is a cutting edge method of showing patients/customers your businesses, but also help lease excess space if you are a landlord or own your own real estate.

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real estate university

Real Estate University is a non-profit dedicated to commercial real estate education.  Their podcast helps businesses and organizations with understanding some of the pitfalls the inexperienced struggle with every day.

brokerage pitfalls


It’s sometimes difficult to understand who to trust in the CRE industry.  There are many things to look for when selecting a company that can represent you in your endeavors.  Many brokers offer free services, being compensated by the landlord for a commissionable event.  Contact us for more information, or for a recommendation.

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